New FCC Rules Are Changing Your VoIP System

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New FCC Rules Are Changing Your VoIP System

Fresh directives from the Federal Communications Commission are changing the way your business uses its VoIP system.

Top of the list: a new 911 access rule that applies to calls made from multi-line Voice over Internet Platform systems, especially those used by businesses. Users now must be able to call 911 without having to dial an access code to reach an external line.

In addition, VoIP systems are now required to provide first-responders with an automatic “dispatchable” location – the exact place where an emergency call was made. It must be the precise spot in a multi-story hotel or building, giving the floor and room number in addition to the street address.

The rule also applies to dwellings, which are required to give the structure’s street address and unit number.

Previously, most businesses using VoIP systems required callers to dial 9 to reach an external line.

Some Changes Are Simple, Others Not

Fortunately, the changes to the VoIP software are relatively simple to implement. But the new rules also require VoIP systems to install a physical location file on each extension so that the precise location of an emergency call can be pinpointed.

PBX and VoIP providers are rolling out updates to meet the FCC’s new requirements on spoof calls. Now, all VoIP devices are required to furnish caller ID numbers.

There’s still an unfinished aspect concerning robocalls, however, because the FCC hasn’t put in place a specific rule prohibiting domestic robocalls. Earlier this week, the commission voted to…

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