Is VoIP a good idea for small businesses?

Is VoIP a good idea for small businesses?

The answer to the question above is simple. Yes!

VoIP is a good idea for any sized business. There is a preconceived notion that only large organizations gain the advantage of using VoIP. However, that is not the case!

Keep reading to hear 10 reasons VoIP is a good idea for small businesses.

Flexibility and Scalability
VoIP is customizable to your business needs. It can grow (or shrink) as needed. When your small business grows into a large corporation, your communications solution will grow with you.

No IT Team Needed
With VoIP, you do not require a fully trained IT team to manage your communications. The provider for your hosted VoIP solution will take support off of your hands.

No Commitment
A long-term commitment can be scary in personal relationships and business relationships. Hesitation is common with large purchases, and many people are unaware that VoIP is purchasable on a month-to-month basis. No contract. No commitments.

Hosted VoIP solutions are more affordable than on-premise solutions. You avoid a significant upfront cost, and the payment covers support, maintenance, and updates. If you prefer an on-premise solution, the system is deployable on your existing hardware and network. VoIP will also save your small business on domestic and international call charges.

Small businesses can focus on their day to day activities without worrying about their phone systems. VoIP is easy to use, and calls can be tracked, monitored, and recorded. Users can change their account information at their convenience, and one telephone number can be provided, with individual extensions for employees.

Security should be a top priority for any business. But for small businesses, lack of security could mean the end of their company. VoIP is more secure than traditional phone lines.

Increase Productivity
VoIP features like call recordings, CRM integration, archiving storage, and more will increase your employee’s productivity. Users of VoIP can do more than making phone calls.

VoIP users can make or receive calls from anywhere with an internet connection. Your employees are reachable from anywhere, allowing you to outsource to…


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