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At Keep IT Simple VoIP, our mission is to simplify and empower your dental or medical practices by providing you the latest VoIP and Telephony solutions to manage your practice. We provide comprehensive and specialized solutions with over 100 years of combined experience in the healthcare industry. We provide a variety of HIPAA compliant phone systems, VoIP, and Telephony providers, including the back office support you need to run your operation smoothly and a single contact point for all VoIP and Telephony, needs. Our concierge service is tailored to easily integrate with your practice and we work hard to give your practice the best support with the most competitive prices on voice and data by leveraging our company’s consistent track record as a market leader in VoIP and Telephony services.

By providing unbiased comparisons among all of our top-tier dental and medical telecom providers, we’ll ensure you’ve got access to the best-suited and most competitive HIPAA Compliant Phone Systems, VoIP, Telephony, and Cloud Solutions.

Keep IT Simple VoIP

Data and Internet

Dedicated internet solutions and speeds are customized for your business.

Cloud Computing

Mission critical applications that can all be accessed anywhere with one click.

Voice and VoIP

Replace your old phone system with a feature rich all-in-one offering.

Integrated Voice + Data

Save with lines used for multiple applications on a single connection.